Do try and listen…you just might get a message.

Happy Month of May!  And yes {{{{{drum roll}}}}} Mother’s Day arrives on Sunday May 10th (5/10/20). Here in the Northeast there has been so much rain this past month, making the lockdown easier to tolerate, and reminding me of the old saying, “April showers bring May flowers.” Yes, the flowers, plants and trees are now blooming in what

What a Difference a Month Makes

Wow! What a difference a month makes. We are now traveling thru this coronavirus journey together. Yes, “We’re all connected,” as AT&T would say. If anyone voices any doubts about that, I would reply with the joke, “What are you smoking?” Every year, in my January newsletters, I always mention the New Year vibration, most recently of

Thoughts of Love in Difficult Times

I wanted to reach out to everyone and send my thoughts of love to all of you during this most difficult time. When you send thoughts of love, know that love generates a sense of feeling that we are all connected and that we are all in this together. Trust and know in your heart

Soon it will be Spring!

Welcome to March! Soon it will be Spring. On March 19th, the Spring Equinox will arrive! I absolutely love Spring! “Bring it on,” as they say. A time to plant seeds, literally. It’s also a time to plant seeds in our lives—mentally, emotionally, physically, and of course spiritually—which Spring inspires us to do, naturally. March also includes one

Remembering Loved Ones

Interesting that so very often, there are hearts in the messages I receive. Very nice to see those hearts. Many folks get tattoos of a heart, usually on their upper arm, in memory of a loved one, perhaps with the loved one’s name in the center. That’s certainly one way to express everlasting Love. Of

Embrace Life

Happy Happy New Year to everyone! Let’s set our sites on a very new 2020 vibration. Further below you will find a little insight on what’s to come in the new numerological time period that begins with 2020. During the previous cycle, I personally had the pleasure of meeting some very wonderful and caring folks. Many

Navigating Changes

September — the month when so many parents are beyond thrilled that their kids are going back to school. Meanwhile, most kids aren’t too happy about the end of Summer. Several times this August, I heard people say that Summer is the shortest season, which of course it isn’t, it just seems that way. In

Finding Balance Between Work and Play

For those of you who may be wondering, Mercury is on track (as of this writing) to go “direct” as of August 2nd. So welcome to August, and farewell to Mercury in retrograde. Of course, August is the month when so many Leo’s like to spread their wings! For August is the time when most

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