Reconnecting with Dad

June is here! Weddings, graduations, celebrations, and Spring Equinox! It seems as though many who have been wanting to have their weddings in June are getting their wishes this year. Soon, I have a wedding to attend, and actually, I’m officiating. Here’s the story. Twenty-eight years ago, a friend of mine named Sherri asked me to

Mother’s Day after you’ve lost mom…

I decided to scan through my past-year newsletters during the coming month of May. That action made me realize that I’ve been doing newsletters for close to 20 years in one way or another! In all of those newsletters, I was thinking of Mother’s Day and flowers in May. May and Mother’s Day clearly go hand and

Thank you for all the love – Helen Louise Northrop

I’d like to thank everyone who wrote to me with so many heartfelt messages of Love on Facebook, and elsewhere, regarding my mom, Helen Louise Northrop, who crossed over on March 24th at the age of 93. I have said over and over in years of lectures, seminars, newsletters, gatherings, groups, etc., that all my work

Walk in the Morning Dew, My Lovelies

It is the wonder of each season that gives us sparks and energy. The renewing of Spring is on the way, which of course brings us precious thoughts. There is something very powerful about Spring that triggers special feelings. Now, in life, we know that it isn’t always that easy to follow our hearts. But

It’s All About Matters of the Heart

Yes, it’s February. Just show me the Love! I can’t help thinking that February, truly being one of the coldest months of the year in many places, is still all about Love. Still, the heart remains warm. I guess St. Valentine must have been in a warm place celebrating Love, and focusing on matters of the heart.

It’s 2022! Happy New Year to Everyone!

As most of you know, all my January blog-talk and webinars address the new universal year of 2022. My blog-talk features esteemed astrologer Bill Attride on January 3rd and on January 12th will be my monthly webinar numerology with Greer Jonas. A great way to get a view of what’s to come in 2022! On a personal note, I have

Deck the Halls with Love and Joy!

Yes, time to Deck the Halls after a warm and loving Happy Thanksgiving. We can remember those precious moments of “Giving Thanks”. Now is December. A time when we can share things with friends, old and new, from the corners of our lives. Mostly, we can join in with the little and big kids who are

Time to Celebrate the Fall and Winter Holidays!

Remember that “Hallows Eve” occurs just before November begins. In fact, I saw some amazing creative Halloween costumes this year! Gotta love all those creative juices that just come to life during that very cool holiday that lets the movie makers go wild! It’s now November, a time for “giving thanks” which will continue into 2022! A

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