I’m a skeptic no more! I now feel a sense of comfort I have not felt in 6 weeks.

I just want to express to Suzane (and everyone) how happy I am that I went to see Suzane in Avon, CT on Tuesday. I will be honest I was nervous and a bit skeptical before going. Nervous because there are things I wasn’t not really sure I wanted to know about my sons passing and skeptical…well… because I guess Suzane’s kind of work is very different. But I’m a skeptic no more!

I would also like to thank Suzane because I now feel a sense of comfort I have not felt in 6 weeks. I won’t go as far as saying that I am at total peace with everything because I’m not sure anyone who looses a child will ever truly be at total peace. But I’m feeling so much more comfort now.

Again, many sincere thanks. I will assuredly be seeing Suzane again.

Because of Suzane, I know for an absolute truth that my brother is with me.

“Just two days following the tragic death of my 23 year old brother, I decided to go Borders Book store in Saratoga Springs NY to get my mind off things. I walked in the store and noticed this woman standing infront of a crowd. I moved closer to the crowd to listen in. Suzane was promoting her new book at the time, “Everything Happens For A Reason”.

Suzane had began her closing statements, but suddenly became distracted. I hadn’t been in the building for 60 seconds and Suzane looked out into the crowd and said; “I have to ask…who just lost a brother, I mean JUST lost a brother”. I looked around in disbelief for a bit, then stood forward and said; “I did”. I was blown away to listen to the messages coming through to Suzane from my bother. To validate my brothers presence she told me his profession (a barber), his name, and even how he died. She said, “it is amazing when one passes to the other side doing something that they love”. She said; “Your brother tells me that he died riding his dirt bike”. There was no doubt in my mind that my brother was there in spirit.

This event happened over five years ago and I still think about how special this was for me. Because of Suzane, I know for an absolute truth that my brother is always with me in spirit. Thank you.”

Thank you for the important work that you do and for the amazing experience.

I recently attended Suzane’s Gallery Reading in Marlborough, MA. This was my first time in a small setting and my first time getting a personal reading from my loved ones. I came to this event in the hopes of connecting with my mother who has been passed for 20 years. I have always known the truth of the other world and have special gifts of intuition myself that I haven’t learned what to do with yet. My mother and I have had a very special relationship since she’s been gone, and I finally wanted to communicate with her in different way.

It’s really not in my nature to write this kind of note, but I felt compelled to acknowledge this special gift I was given and also to write out loud how BAD I was at it….LOL

Going into something like this, I guess I had a preconceived notion that I would go in and hear all my validations and have an understanding of everything. What I learned from this experience is that just as it takes practice for spirits to learn how to communicate effectively with us, it also takes practice from our end to understand how to interpret the information and to alter our thinking to a different perspective.

From the very start of the session I felt so relaxed and filled with so much love. But my mind just went blank. I totally spaced on so many important validations, easy things that after listing to the audio recording (of the Gallery Reading) I couldn’t believe I missed.

First of all, I want to Suzane so much for bringing me such important and loving messages from my mother and my cousin Jeff. It was a joy hearing from them again. However, I feel like there is so much that Suzane was delivering that I missed. There were truly so many, so I just mention a few here.

It was so funny, my sister listened to the audio recording (of the Gallery Reading) and pointed out that if I was on a roll and validating info, Suzane kept going. But as soon as I wasn’t sure or had to think for a minute, the spirits didn’t wait for me to figure it out, they just moved on to the next person, but kept trying again. How frustrating it must have been for them!

From the very beginning Suzane kept saying she was hearing the name William. No one in the circle could validate that name. Of course, spacy me didn’t acknowledge the fact that my living dad is named William and that my mother might have been trying to come through to acknowledge him. She eventually did, but she definitely had to take the long road with me.

Also, at one point Suzane asked the group why she smelled roses so strong in two places. And someone else spoke up, but immediately after that comment, Suzane said to me, your mother is named Theresa, not St. Theresa, that’s her name correct? And I said yes. I never asked Suzane and have no idea why she would have said St. Theresa, but on earth my mother was a very strong Italian Catholic and she identified with St. Theresa. She prayed to her all the time and had statues of her around our home. St. Theresa was always holding roses in her photos. Not to mention later on Suzane said my mom was with a mother or aunt vibration and I had no idea who that was. Not thinking of the fact that she was probably with my great grandmother ROSE.

The next day, I was sitting at my desk in my office and something just hit me to look in my wallet. I looked in a compartment I never go into and there was my mother’s old prayer card to St. Theresa holding roses. I completely forgot it was in there from years ago. I feel that my mom was just making double sure I got the fact she was there that night.

I also thought it was funny how all ten people in that room that night were from strong Italian Catholic families. I wonder if they are all hanging out together in the other world. I wanted to say you thank you for the important work that you do and for the amazing experience. I feel like I need a “do over” and promised my mom I’ll do better the second time around LOL

I am overjoyed! I cannot express to you how grateful I am having received a reading at your event.

I am overjoyed! I cannot express to you how grateful I am having received a reading at your Event in Hartford CT on November 12, 2011.

My son Michael passed over on Sept 11, 2011. The emotions are still so very raw and really seem to be building. We have already had amazing contact from him, but yet I so much needed to have him come through you today. In my morning meditation I asked him to please come through and to not hold anything back. I also asked him about our dog Sammie who had passed over last October and his dear friend Kevin who had gone 17 years before him. Michael had been very angry with Kevin because he took his own life.

It was absolutely astonishing to me how exactly what I had asked from him in the morning he delivered through you in the afternoon event. Having him come through using the name Michael and not Mike, having our family dog Sammie and his dear friend Kevin all to come through was so rewarding on many levels.

I had purchased your book “Everything Happens For a Reason”, before I knew I was coming to see you and for some strange reason the book disappeared the day before your event and reappeared when I returned home. I wonder if he was responsible for the lights going out three times during your event? LOL

You never ever think it will happen to you.. losing a child suddenly. Even knowing what I know and what I have known and believed for so long, doesn’t make it any easier, but it certainly makes a HUGE difference when you have direct, warm, loving contact such as I received from you. You are so very special..:)

Thank you Suzane for the BIG, Loving Hug you gave to me from my dear son.

Thank you Suzane for giving me hope again!

I just wanted to give my heartfelt THANK YOU to Suzane for giving me hope again in life. I had two friends attend your seminar on December 22nd. Messages from my daughter came through and my two friends were there to hear all about it. I only  wish I was there to have felt her and heard Suzane talk about her. It amazes me that Suzane doesn’t even know my daughter or me or my friends, but every thing they told me that Suzane was saying was all true!  THANK YOU SO MUCH SUZANNE FOR GIVING ME HOPE AGAIN.


We now live KNOWING love is all that really matters.

It all started in 1994 when my oldest brother passed on. My family and myself were so over come by grief that it was impossible for us to move on. Then we met Suzane. Life was never the same for any of us. Each of us had our own views on what actually happens when life ends here. Suzane helped us find the same page and we now live KNOWING love is all that really matters and one day we will meet again. My family and I will always hold a great deal of greatfullness and love for Suzane and we feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to have connected with her.

Thank you for the wonderful loving gift that you have given to us in both worlds.

I wanted to say thank  you again for the connection you made for me with my Grandmothers.  I called in to WXLO’s radio show with Frank & Jen this morning.  Jen was on the line with us.

This was such a loving gift.  My Grandmothers are (and were) wonderful women.  My mother’s mother and I were really close.  I was closer to her than my own mother while growing up.  My dad’s mother was a bit more distant from us as we got older.  When we were little she would plan days to be with just my brother Kevin and I.

I miss them, and it was really wonderful that they both came in.  I knew that my Mother’s Mother would be there, but to have my other Granny be there was a special surprise!

Thank you again for the wonderful loving gift that you have given to many of us in both worlds.  Bless you.

I am forever grateful. I feel great comfort that I am not alone.

You have changed my life forever. I thank you from the bottom my heart for allowing me to realize this higher level in life and to be able to find peace in my thoughts and inspiration to be who I am supposed to be. So much was answered while I didn’t expect anything. I was there only as support to my aunt and uncle and never anticipated anything to occur relative to me and my connections in life. I appreciate the learning that relationships past are relationships always. Thank you for bringing me comfort in my deepest thoughts, darkest hours, and in between. I am forever changed. I hope to always carry the gift you and those that came through gave me to appreciate life and loved ones now and forever. I am forever grateful. I feel great comfort that I am not alone.

Her ability is unparalleled and invaluable.

I first met Suzane back in 1984. I’ve had numerous readings with Suzane and have also studied with her. I’ve been amazed by the accuracy of her readings. Suzane’s ability to state specific names and places and to identify passed loved ones through unique and personal objects and anecdotes is unmatched.

As far back as 1985, Suzane told me that I’d be married and living in Georgia for the majority of my adult life. Being a 23 year old from L.I., I was shocked by this and had absolutely NO INTEREST in or plans of loving south.

Sure enough, in 1989 I was married and moved to ATLANTA as my husband was attending school there.

Suzane also identified many details surrounding my parents. My father was always a skeptic and when he was about to pass away a few years ago, one of the last things my dad said to me was, “Been together a long time . . . you and me.” I asked him what he meant and he described the past life Suzane told me my dad and I had had together. I was floored.

I highly recommend Suzane to anyone seeking clarity and peace in connection to a deceased loved one. Her ability is unparalleled and invaluable.

It brought great comfort to every person in the room knowing that we live on and stay connected even when out of our bodies.

I had a semi-private session with Suzane last night and was delighted to find she is the real deal! Gary Schwartz hosted Suzane at a workshop at the UA last fall and because of his endorsement I felt she would be a trustworthy medium; she is!

I appreciated her gift and the communications from family members that have passed that only those in the session would have known and related to. It brought great comfort to every person in the room knowing that we live on and stay connected even when out of our bodies. I have a 94 year old father that believes when you die, that is it and he is incredibly fearful of dying. Perhaps hearing about the session and the family that showed up will begin a new thinking process for him. Thanks Suzane for sharing your gift and energy with us!