I am overjoyed! I cannot express to you how grateful I am having received a reading at your event.

I am overjoyed! I cannot express to you how grateful I am having received a reading at your Event in Hartford CT on November 12, 2011.

My son Michael passed over on Sept 11, 2011. The emotions are still so very raw and really seem to be building. We have already had amazing contact from him, but yet I so much needed to have him come through you today. In my morning meditation I asked him to please come through and to not hold anything back. I also asked him about our dog Sammie who had passed over last October and his dear friend Kevin who had gone 17 years before him. Michael had been very angry with Kevin because he took his own life.

It was absolutely astonishing to me how exactly what I had asked from him in the morning he delivered through you in the afternoon event. Having him come through using the name Michael and not Mike, having our family dog Sammie and his dear friend Kevin all to come through was so rewarding on many levels.

I had purchased your book “Everything Happens For a Reason”, before I knew I was coming to see you and for some strange reason the book disappeared the day before your event and reappeared when I returned home. I wonder if he was responsible for the lights going out three times during your event? LOL

You never ever think it will happen to you.. losing a child suddenly. Even knowing what I know and what I have known and believed for so long, doesn’t make it any easier, but it certainly makes a HUGE difference when you have direct, warm, loving contact such as I received from you. You are so very special..:)

Thank you Suzane for the BIG, Loving Hug you gave to me from my dear son.

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