Private Family/Small Group Reading with Suzane


A Family/Group Session is similar to a Private Session, but is done in a small group setting (typically 2-4 attendees) and done only with those who are related to each other (such as family, friends, colleagues or otherwise). During the Family/Group Session, each attendee will have the opportunity to receive messages from their “crossed over” loved ones. The Family/Group Session length is approximately 90 minutes depending on the number of departed loved ones and those attending.

Suzane offers these Sessions via Zoom. Attendees will be provided with a recording of the session following your reading. Once you’ve purchased your reading, Suzane or her team will get back to you (Mon – Fri) to schedule your reading. Currently, most readings are easily scheduled in 2-3 weeks time from initial purchase.

Please also remember to purchase up to two additional tickets for your small group. After purchase completion, Suzane or her team will contact you to schedule your group reading.