Suzane in Paravisie Magazine (in Dutch)

Een primeur op de ParaVisie Manifestatie: voor het eerst demonstreert het internationaal  bekende Amerikaanse medium Suzane Northrop haar kunnen voor een Nederlandstalig publiek. Zij staat bekend om haar humor, bevlogenheid, warme uitstraling en uiteraard haar sterk ontwikkelde mediamieke gave. – Tekst: Niels Brummelman Suzane Northrop in Nederland Dp’s, dat is de afkorting die Suzane Northrop gekscherend

Meet Suzane Northrop

Into The Mystic (excerpt) By Dennis P. McMahon If you ever have the chance to meet world class medium Suzane Northrop, do it!  The encounter may change your life—for the better.  I speak from experience. I became acquainted with Suzane thru a series of events that began in the fall of 1996 when a friend

Spectral Review with Dr. Gary Schwartz: There is Life After Death

A Harvard educated psychiatrist, Dr Gary E Schwartz, PhD, Professor Psychology, Medicine, Neurology, Psychiatry and Surgery, and Director of the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health,  has established what he claims is conclusive scientific proof of life after death. Dr Gary E Schwartz, who also held a position at Yale, said he was skeptical

Wanted: by Dead and Alive

Medium Suzane Northrop has a Long Waiting List and Lots of Dead Connections by Colleen Dougher-Telcik Don’t try to make an appointment with Suzane Northrop.  She’s booked for years to come. In the livingroom of her New York City apartment, she has boxes of mail from people who want her help. Why are so many

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