Welcome to Another Month of Giving Thanks

Each year as we approach the holidays, beginning with Thanksgiving, we take on a whole other way of giving thanks. This year we have so many people to thank during the lockdown phase. Those in the medical field, teachers, food providers, sanitation workers, police, firefighters, truck drivers, caretakers, and so many more who have given their energy to help provide for others. Today’s happenings will provide many memories in the years to come. Fond memories are personal to each of us. We all feel different emotions, and are often touched in a way that we know is truly important. Now we know…

Never Forget to Smell the Roses!

A Belated Happy 4th of July! This year, things have certainly been very different, a 4th of July that Americans have never experienced before. I’m sure that many of you had…

Doing things in a different way.

Happy June! Traditionally, a time for celebrations with family, friends, and those with whom some of us are ready to start a new life. Nowadays, however, weddings, graduations, and Father’s…

Do try and listen…you just might get a message.

Happy Month of May!  And yes {{{{{drum roll}}}}} Mother’s Day arrives on Sunday May 10th (5/10/20). Here in the Northeast there has been so much rain this past month, making the lockdown easier…

What a Difference a Month Makes

Wow! What a difference a month makes. We are now traveling thru this coronavirus journey together. Yes, “We’re all connected,” as AT&T would say. If anyone voices any doubts about that, I…

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